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If you have ever purchased glasses in a physical store, you may cost you serious time to try on frame to find a pair that looks good on your face. It could be several hours or even days.

What if you could narrow down your choices? With our intelligent guides and innovative feature ETRY, you could chose a suitable glasses online.

Where to Start

We are teaching you a simple and efficient strategy to start to find out the most suitable glasses for you. As you'll see in the upcoming examples, we use ETRY system with different reference examples to show how the strategy can be used.

Foremost, knowing your face shape and coloring are the most important condition.

It is an aesthetic system. Face shape can help you determine what style of frame will most flatter your features. After that, your skin color, hair color and eye color can help you narrow down your choices further.

Skin Tone

Combine your skin tone with glasses colors is pretty important, otherwise, the color combination will make you look flat.

Skin tones is usually divided into two categories: warm and cool.

Warmer skin tone will make the skin appear yellow undertone or green undertone, while cooler skin tone will prefer to show blue undertone or pink undertone. Some people belong to these two types, in which case they can make decisions based on their own eyes or hair color.

Warm skin colors tend to coordination with similarly warm colors, including beige, brown, gold, pink, orange, gray, red, yellow, and green. On the other side, cool skin colors match well with cool colors, such as black, gray, pink, blue, and purple.

Particularly worth mentioning is the tortoiseshell do well with both two color palettes. The hue of these skin tones are further divided according to the overall shadow, and roughly divided into light, medium and deep.

Generally, your glasses should add an extra dimension to your appearance, either by comparing your shadows with a lighter or darker color, or by supplementing your undertone with a more saturated tone.

This separation of tone and shades results in six categories of skin tone:

Light Skin with Warm Undertones

All the People who having warm light skin with warm undertones, their skin appear peach complexion, pale complexion, yellow or green skin undertone.The best colors for this skin tone are warm neutral colors and saturated colors.

Dark colors also do well with this skin color to better contrast light-colored base colors.If you are a male fan of neutrals, try a warm tortoiseshell or brown frame. If you are a female lover of neutral colors, you can both try purple or red.

Note:Avoid any blues or lighter colors.

Light Skin with Cool Undertones

The people who having light skin with cool undertones, their skin look pink and blue undertone.For these people, cooler tones and neutral colors are good choices for this complexion.Blue, pink and jewel tones are ideal for this skin tone, but also for lighter neutral colors.

Note: Avoid colors with a yellow tone, such as gold and green

Medium Skin with Warm Undertones

People with medium skin and yellow or green undertones fit this category.Tortoiseshell, light brown, warm brown and rich green shades work well with this skin color

Note: Avoid cooler jewel tones

Medium Skin with Cool Undertones

Medium skin tones with a pink or blue undertone, olive skin tones with yellow and green undertones tend to fit into this cooler category. The jewel tones match perfectly with this skin color category.Blue and purple are good eyewear options.If you like neutral colors, strong black or dark gray can also be good choice.

Note: Avoid muted or warm hues

Deep Skin with Warm Undertones

Deep skin tones with gold undertones tend to fit into this cooler category.

Deep browns, tortoiseshell and golds work well with this skin tone.

Deep Skin with Cool Undertones

Deep shades with a cool blue undertone to the skin fit within this category.

Purple and black are the best colors for this skin tone.

Hair Color

When you choose the glasses color, the hair color is an inevasible influencing factor.Different tones and hues vary widely in hair color with warm and cool variations.Base on your hair color to choose the frame colors:

Warm Blond

Warm blonde-haired people can choose a wide variety of colors like tortoiseshell, brown and pink.

Cool Blond

Cool blonde-haired people can choose platinum, gray and white.

Warm Brown

Warm brown-haired people can choose greens, reds, golds and tortoiseshell.

Cool Brown

Cool brown-haired people can choose blacks, pinks, blues, browns, and beiges.

Red Hair

Red-haired people can choose orange, tortoiseshell, greens, reds, blues, blacks and golds.

Black Hair

Black hair can pair well with a variety of colors. Black-haired people can choose greens, blues, reds, golds and purples.

Gray and White Hair

Gray and white haired-people can choose reds and purples if they want the tone tend to be warmer.Choosing blacks, grays or whites will give you a neutral look.

• Note: Avoid beige or brown frames

Eye Color

Eye colors can also help you to choose the suitable glasses.

Here are several suggestions to help you to pick suitable frames base on your eye color:

Green Eyes

Green eyes are beautifully matched with brown and gold tones.Green eyes contrast with purple and pink glasses.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are beautifully matched with blue and gray tones.Blue eyes contrast with rich browns and tortoiseshell patterns.

Hazel Eyes

• Deep greens and grays pair well with hazel eyes.

Brown Eyes

Most of brown eyes match well with warmer tones. The common colors are golds, greens and tortoiseshells.

Purpose and Personality

Finally, your frames should reflect your personality and taste.They reflect your style as much as your shoes or shirt and should match the image you want to express to your co-workers and friends on a daily basis.Here are a few things to consider about the color and pattern of your glasses and how they will fit with your daily life:

Business and Professional

In a business environment, a conservative and colorful framework is usually beneficial for you. It instill a sense of confidence and professionalism in your interactions with clients and colleagues.

You can choose the classic shapes and traditional colors to present a professional image.For male, the suitable tones are blacks, grays, silvers, browns and tortoiseshell.For female, the good choices are blacks, silvers, browns, golds and tortoiseshell.

What if you really don't know how to choose? Just take black, silvers and tortoiseshell.

Fashionable and Creative

According to your wearing, choosing a shape and color for your characteristics and express your unique style in uncertain scenes,Wearing different glasses to match your clothes.

Frames in unusual colors like teal blues, sea greens and bright purples or popping colors like bright red and orange are excellent choices, as are frames with floral or animal patterns.If you want to be more personal style, choose a distinctive colors like shiny blues, light tortoise-shell, bright red and brilliant golden color.

Students and Academics

Discover your interests and try more styles, find which style suit you best.

The above-mentioned guidelines can help you make choices, supplement your physical characteristics and career choices, but only use them as guidelines rather than specific rules.Your personal preference is priority.

Explore our online product catalogs and you will find a new world!

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